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Saturday, 07 February 2009 20:00

General Information about Freshwater Bryozoans by TimothyS. Wood
For More Information: http://www.wright.edu/~tim.wood/

"Bryozoans are small marine and freshwater animals which comprise the Phylum Ectoprocta. They are modular organisms composed of many similar connecting zooids ("ZOE-ids," not ZOO-ids), each with its independent food gathering structure, mouth, gut, muscles, nervous and reproductive systems"

Introduction to the Bryozoa

For More Information: http://bryozoa.net/bryointr.html

"Bryozoa are aquatic colonial animals, which are abundant in modern marine environments, and have been important components of the fossil record. In places, the skeletal remains are so abundant that the fossils become an important rock-forming material. If you need a common name, then you can call them 'sea mats', 'moss animals' or 'lace corals' for some forms. The majority are marine, although brackish-water and freshwater forms are moderately common."

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